We handle every detail…from the initial inspection of your property to settling claims with your insurance company to repairing your home. The only thing you have to do is choose the materials.

The Insurance Restoration Process

  1. All About Exteriors will conduct an inspection of your home to determine the extent of damage to your roof, siding, windows, and gutters.
  2. Upon finding damage, you will need to call your insurance company to initiate a claim.
  3. Once you have an insurance claim number, your All About Exteriors representative will contact the insurance adjuster assigned to the claim on your behalf and begin the restoration process.
  4. Your All About Exteriors representative and the insurance adjuster will inspect the damage. We will notify you immediately of the results.
  5. Once you receive approval, the insurance company will mail you the insurance estimate and partial payment for the repairs.
  6. Once the repairs are finished, you and your All About Exteriors representative will inspect the work together to confirm that everything has been completed.
  7. When you receive final payment from your insurance company, your All About Exteriors representative will come to your home to pick up the check and provide you your warranties.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you in handling the repairs to your home. By choosing All About Exteriors you can rest assured knowing you have one of the most professional contractors in the business working for you.

“Building One Good Job at a Time”

Spotting The Trouble

Your roof might not appear damaged. Many times big problems that can occur with a roof have seemingly insignificant signs. We thoroughly inspect your roof looking for such signs as hidden bruises and excessive granule loss which will show up in time. Our experts can then evaluate the condition of your roof and give you a thorough explanation of how and why these conditions occur.